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When choosing a haircare company to work with we did a lot of research before we came to a decision. We picked Alfaparf Milano for many reasons. Their focus on education was definitely a major attraction. They provide all our staff with continuous training to ensure at all times we fully understand the product.

Evolution of the Colour

This is Alfaparf Milano's premium permanent colour. It provides superior, 100% gray coverage. Their shade chart provide a vast amount of intense shades which will leave your hair nourished and shiny. Evolution of the colour in particular boasts intense reds and copper with minimum fadeage. After being relaunched in 2010, the amonnia level is a tiny 0.07%.


This gentle shampoo is uniquely formulated to cleanse the hair and add shine. This is a colour protecting shampoo and sits lightly in the hair. This product is free of sulphate and unfriendly ingredients.


Colour Wear is Alfaparfs semi permanent (tone on tone) colour and is ammonia free. It is comprised of natural fabric dyes. If intense shine is what you are after this is the colour for you. Your hair will be extremely conditioned and touchably soft after use.


Our styling products naturally are Alfaparf also. These products are formulated to give you the most out of your colour. We choose the Semi Di Lino range because within it there is something for everyone. Their shampoos come in six different categories:

1- Illuminating

2- Moisture

3- Reconstruction

4- Discipline

5- Volume

6- Scalp care



This is a gentle daily moisturising shampoo which is designed to replenish dehydrated hair. It is colour protecting and free of sulphate and unfriendly ingredients.


This colour protecting shampoo was designed to cleanse the hair and penetrative deep into the hair core to repair structural damage. Free from sulphate and unfriendly ingredients it leaves the hair supple, strong and healthy looking. It is designed for dry, over processed hair.


This is a frizz control treatment and is uniquely formulated with almond butter. It is colour protecting and will soften your hair without leaving it lank! Free from sulphates and unfriendly ingredients the smell of this shampoo alone is amazing.


Designed specifically for thin and flat hair, this range provides the support to boost hair to full volume. It is colour protecting and free from sulphate and unfriendly ingredients.

 Scalp Care  

One of the first in the line of Scalp care which is colour protecting. Designed for those of you that suffer with a dry scalp, it cleanses the hair while keeping your scalp nourished and your colour perfect.

Within each of the product lines comes a vast range of styling products to help you control your hair.